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Girls Grade 7th and 8th


The main objective of the Girls’ Intermediate Division is to teach the children the fundamentals of basketball in a positive, constructive environment that encourages fun and learning. We as coaches need to be very supportive and show lots of encouragement. The children are at an age where they can begin to develop “good basketball habits” if properly shown and developed.  Winning and losing should be downplayed at this level. 



Rev 1/4/2013

Playing Time


  • 9-minute quarters, running clock except during time outs, injuries, and foul shots (clock will stop, referee will get all players set up for foul shot, after the 1st foul shoot is attempted clock will restart).
  • Clock will stop during the last 2 minutes of the second half.
  • 1 minute between quarters; 3 minutes between halves
  • 1 30-second “time out” per half, for each team.
  • No “time outs” may be carried over to the 2nd half.
  • Referees will stop the clock at approximately 4:30 in each quarter for substitutions.

Player Time

Equal Playing time for all players. The only exception is for a medical reason after being discussed and determined by both coaches. If you have 10 players, each player should play at least two full quarters. 9 players – each player plays two quarters plus 2 minutes. 8 players – each player plays two quarters plus 4 minutes. 7 players – each player plays two quarters plus 7 minutes and so on.


Rev 1/4/13

  • Five seconds in the lane. (Make players aware that the normal rule is 3 seconds).
  • Ten seconds to bring the ball across half court.
  • Three point shot is in effect at all times.Double-teaming is only allowed when a player is in the paint.
  • Player may while defending her player reach for a ball of another player on the other team if they dribble past her outside of the paint.
  • Player bringing the ball up court cannot be defended until she has either passed to another player through the imaginary line across the court at the top of the key or dribbled through this line. If a player dribbles or passes back above the top of the key after the imaginary line has been penetrated she can then be defended. The object of this rule for not defending above the top of the key when bringing the ball up the court is to let the team set up their offense.
  • TEAMS HAVE 15 SECONDS TO PENETRATE THE LINE AT THE TOP OF THE KEY. HOLDING THE BALL PAST 15 SECONDS WILL RESULT IN A TURNOVER. If a team is on a fast break this rule does not apply and anyone can pick up the person fast breaking even before she crosses the imaginary line at the top of the key and after she has crossed the half court line.
  • A rebound of obvious possession cannot be contested in the backcourt and the defending must go back to defense.
  • Teams may play man-to-man or zone defense.
  • 1 and 1 goes into effect on the seventh team foul in each half. Two foul shots are awarded on the 10th team foul in a half.

Players will be ejected by the referee for:

  • 5 personal fouls
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • 2 technical fouls

Overtime Rules

  • If the game ends in a tie a 1-minute overtime period will be played. No additional time outs will be issued for overtime.
  • Coaches should be seated on the bench. It is permissible to stand to instruct or get a player’s attention.
  • Players must remain on the bench while not playing.
  • Full court press is permitted in the last 2 minutes of the game if:
    • Team is up by 5 points or less
    • Team is losing


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