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Boys Grade 5th and 6th


The main objective of the Girls’ Intermediate Division is to teach the children the fundamentals of basketball in a positive, constructive environment that encourages fun and learning. We as coaches need to be very supportive and show lots of encouragement. The children are at an age where they can begin to develop “good basketball habits” if properly shown and developed.  Winning and losing should be downplayed at this level. 


Playing Time:

  • Equal playing time for all players.
  • Playing time sheets will be provided that will help guide coaches with playing time and strongly advised to fill out before game

  •  (4) 10 Minute quarters with running clock
  • Regulation clock in last two minutes of fourth quarter.
  • Substitutions will be made around the 5 minute mark of each quarter
  • There will be a five minute half time break.



  • Man to Man Half-Court Defense ONLY. 
  • Full Court Press ONLY with 2 minutes left in 4th Quarter.
  • A team that is winning by 10 points or more may not press. 
  • We will pick up offense at ¾ mark of defensive zone. (In- between half court line and three point line)
  • You may play help defense/double team in the paint/lane only.


Rules / Timeouts

  • PIAA Rules exist for referees to adhere to during game. 
  • (3) Full timeouts and (2) 30-second timeouts per game.
  • (7) Team fouls per half results in one and one situation. 
  • (10) Team fouls per half results in two shots. 


House Keeping:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled game start.
  • Please vacate the court immediately after your practice or game time and clean-up all bottles, trash, etc.


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