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Grade 4: Boys

General Rules Of The Game

  • One (1) referee will be supplied for all games.
  • Four, 8 minute running quarters per game.
  • Games should start at 40 minutes past the hour, allowing 10 minutes of warm-up.
  • One, 1 minute time-out per half.
  • Five minute half-time.
  • Overtime – None, games can end in ties.

Playing Time

  • If you have all ten players, all players must play two full quarters. They must play one quarter in each half.
  • If less than 10 players, each player must play at least two full quarters and sit for one full quarter.

PIAA Rules

3,5, and 10 second rules in effect (referee will be encouraged to communicate and warn the players early in the season, before calling infractions).

Foul shots are from 15 feet with no stepping over the line.

  • Shoot 1 and 1 on seventh foul.
  • Shoot 2 shots after the 10th - hopefully we do not get to ten fouls, ever.

Player fouls out on the 5th personal foul.

Players and coaches will be ejected for any behavior deemed to be unsportsmanlike,including, but not limited to, foul language, being disrespectful to the referee, one technical foul, etc.

Exceptions To PIAA Rules

  • Defense to be man to man only.
  • Defense can be picked up at half court. No pressing, ever.
  • There will be one official book kept for the game. The coaches will decide which book is official prior to the game and notify the referee. This is the book that will count if a player is to foul out.
  • The team not keeping the official book must supply someone to operate the clock.


  • Before each game the coaches should meet to discuss the match-up of players. This is intended to allow the better players to play against each other and the weaker players to do the same.
  • At the conclusion of each game, all players and coaches will shake hands.
  • Post-game meetings should be held off the court, we are on a tight schedule and want the next game to get started on time.
  • Please remember we are an intramural program charged with teaching our boys the fundamentals of basketball, while encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • All parental and coaches thoughts and idea's (good and bad) should be sent to the age group director (see above).

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