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Girls Grade 3rd and 4th


The main objective of the Girls’ Intermediate Division is to teach the children the fundamentals of basketball in a positive, constructive environment that encourages fun and learning. We as coaches need to be very supportive and show lots of encouragement. The children are at an age where they can begin to develop “good basketball habits” if properly shown and developed.  Winning and losing should be downplayed at this level. 



Schedule Information

Season starts early December.


Schedules are very tight. Teams need to be ready to go on the court at their time. Have your players be prompt. Also, be considerate of other coaches, teams, and maintenance staff-be sure to end your session on time and clear the courts of your player immediately.


Any scheduled times that are not workable should be changed by calling and working directly with the other coach. You must call the director if you are switching or canceling a game or practice. We want to use all gym time that is available to HHoops.




This is an “INSTRUCTIONAL” League. We need to teach the players SKILLS OF THE GAME. Some skills to emphasize.


  • FOOTWORK: stance, pivot foot, jump shot, post moves, triple threat
  • DRIBBLING: both hands, protect ball, regular, crossover, stutter step.
  • PASSING: chest, bounce, baseball, 2-handed outlet.
  • SHOOTING: proper form, right and left handed lay-ups, bank shots, jump shots, foul shots
  • REBOUNDING: box out
  • DEFENSE: man to man, sliding
  • OFFENSIVE MOVES: pick and roll, pass and pick opposite, coming off pick for shot, open up after setting pick, V-cuts, pass and cut.
  • TEAMWORK: offense and defense



HHOOPS 3rd / 4th Rules

Game Rules


  • Equal playing time for all players. Try to match players as equally as possible.
  • One (1) referee will be supplied for all games.
  • Four, 8 minute running quarters per game.
  • Games should start at 15 minutes past the hour, allowing10 minutes of warm-up.
  • Five minute half-time.
  • Nine foot baskets will be used by all players.
  • We will not keep score during the 4-5 games of the season. Will consider for remainder of games
  • Teaching: Stop and explain to a player what he has done wrong after an infraction. Please use your judgment and give some latitude to less gifted players as far as enforcing certain violations.
  • In 5v5 scrimmages, there is no Backcourt Pressing.
  • Fast Breaking Permitted - However, the rebounder must pass the ball to a teammate prior to crossing the half court line - if not that team inbounds the ball at half court. 
  • Game Regulations:
    • Divide playing time equally.
    • Have other players ready to come on court quickly.
    • All infractions will be enforced to extent deemed adequate to skill level of players. Lesser skilled player should be warned and spoken to before there is a turnover.
    • 5 second lane violation.
    • Defense must play man to man. Teams should match up players based on size and skill level.
    • Double teaming on defense only allowed in paint.
    • Defensive switching is allowed as seen fit.
    • Defense does not pick up player until -15 ft from basket (foul line extended) - if offensive player is farther out defender must stay off of him - this will allow perimeter passing.
  • Fouls:
    • Unlimited per player.
    • Two shots (12 ft.) awarded when fouled in act of shooting.
    • All other fouls stop play and ball is checked by referee (coach) above blue line and must be passed into play. Balls knocked out of bounds should be in bounded at same spot.
    • Games will be called closely being sensitive to contact of any kind. Children need to learn what constitutes a foul. Hopefully this will promote a more productive learning environment. No Free Throws unless clearly shooting - if a non-shooting foul the team that was fouled will get the ball and inbound it.


Playing Time


  • If you have all ten players, all players must play two full quarters. They must play one quarter in each half.
  • If less than 10 players, each player must play at least two full quarters and sit for one full quarter.




  • Before each game the coaches should meet to discuss the match-up of players. This is intended to allow the better players to play against each other and the weaker players to do the same.
  • At the conclusion of each game, all players and coaches will shake hands.
  • Post-game meetings should be held off the court; we are on a tight schedule and want the next game to get started on time.
  • Please remember we are an intramural program charged with teaching our players the fundamentals of basketball, while encouraging teamwork and sportsmanship.


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