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Travel Program


HHOOPS offers travel teams for girls and boys from 3rd grade thru 8th grade.  All teams will be playing the ICBA: Inter-County Basketball League.  Travel Teams will be following the ICBA rules & regulations **NOTE ICBA updated rules to be posted in October

Teams will typically practice two times a week from early-mid November through the end of the year. Teams will play a 12-14 game schedule, 2 games per week from the middle of December through the middle of February. ICBA playoffs will be in late February /Early March.  Please consider this commitment before trying out for a team.

Coaches will be selected by the Travel Committee. Prospective coaches must provide a coaching resume for review by the travel committee.  There will not be automatic succession year to year of current coach. Each travel coach will be evaluated at the end of the year. Coaches will be determined by the travel committee for the next travel season at the conclusion of the current season.

Registration Information 

  • Register today for Travel Tryouts. (go to the Register button at the top of the page)
  • Tryout dates are posted below.  You must register before the first tryout.
  • Players who make the travel team will be notified in early October and required to then pay the $250 travel fee.  This fee includes a $30 tournament credit.
  • Travel players are encouraged to play intramurals.  All travel players registering for intramurals in September will pay the full $125.  Then when paying their travel fee in October, will receive a $60 discount.
  • The uniforms are the same as last year so returning players may not need to purchase this year.  During registration, you have the option of buying a full uniform or just shorts or just the jersey.  New travel players will be invited to be sized for their uniform in early November.

Tryouts have been completed and teams have been formed for the 2019-20 season.

2019-20 HHoops Travel Coaches

  • 3rd Grade Girls / 8UMichele Edwards[email protected]
    3rd Grade Boys / 8UJon Arnold[email protected]
    4th Grade Girls / 9UMike Bellano[email protected]

    4th Grade Boys / 9U

    Pat Carroll [email protected]
    5th Grade Girls/ 10U Gina Fisher[email protected]
    5th Grade Boys / 10U Shane Mulligan[email protected]

    6th Grade Girls / 11U

    Andy Fisher[email protected]
    6th Grade Boys / 11U

    Ken Lutz

    [email protected]

    6th Grade Boys / 11U (B)Mark Giovanniello[email protected]
    7th Grade Girls / 12U Kate Lynch
    [email protected]
    7th Grade Boys / 12UDan O'Sullivan[email protected]
    8th Grade Girls / 13U Mike Knouse [email protected]
    8th Grade Boys / 13U 

    Jim Hahn

    [email protected]



    *** if you have any travel related questions, please contact Travel Director Mike Knouse [email protected]



    Players who wish to play both intramural and travel must pay both the club registration fee and the travel registration fee to participate on both teams. 


    Players are not guaranteed automatic succession to the next GRADE level for the next season. Players must tryout for their respective teams each year.


    Players will be selected by the travel coaches at the conclusion of two tryout sessions. Objective input on player selection can be provided by members of the travel committee and evaluators.

    ICBA permits teams to carry 2 non resident players. HHoops will consider non-resident players when filling roster spots based on ICBA rules on player movement.  Playing time will be left to the discretion of the coaches with strong emphasis on equitable playing time. Every player must play in every game and must get into the game before 3rd quarter.


    Participation in tournaments is up to each travel team and their coach. 

    ICBA Eligibility and Rules


    Age/Grade based Divisions


    1. Age Determining Date/Grade Exception Rule


    • August 1st, 2017 shall be the determining date for the age of the basketball players. Eligibility to participate is based first on the age determining date. The grade of the athlete is not a consideration if the athlete meets the age determining date. An athlete who does not meet the age determining date may qualify under the grade exception rule. In the 8U/3rd Grade through the 13U/8th Grade division, each team is allowed a maximum of three grade exception athletes.


    • 13 and Under/8th grade - born on or after - August 1st, 2003; Grade Exception: A player who is in the 8th grade and who was born on or after August 1st, 2001 can participate in the 13 and Under/8th grade division.


    • 12 and Under/7th grade - born on or after - August 1st, 2004; Grade Exception: A player who is in the 7th grade and who was born on or after August 1st, 2002 can participate in the 12 and Under/7th grade division.


    • 11 and Under/6th grade - born on or after - August 1st, 2005 Grade Exception: A player who is in the 6th grade and who was born on or after August 1st, 2003 can participate in the 11 and Under/6th grade division.


    • 10 and Under/5th grade - born on or after - August 1st, 2006; Grade Exception: A player who is in the 5th grade and who was born on or after August 1st, 2004 can participate in the 10 and Under/5th grade division.


    • 9 and Under/4th grade - born on or after - August 1st, 2007; Grade Exception: A player who is in the 4th grade and who was born on or after August 1st, 2005 can participate in the 9 and Under/4th grade division.


    • 8 and Under/3rd grade - born on or after - August 1st, 2008; Grade Exception: A player who is in the 3nd grade and who was born on or after August 1st, 2006 can participate in the 8 and Under/3rd grade division


    • Grade Confirmation: Players participating under the grade eligibility exception must present a birth certificate and confirmation of grade level from the School Administrator. Grade level is determined by players grade on September 1st, 2017


    ***Players are permitted to petition the Travel Committee to tryout for a team that is an age/grade older.  Please email this request to Mike Knouse ([email protected]) at least 3 days prior to 1st tryout. 


    Court time will be allocated based on availability and will not take away from the allotment necessary to run a comprehensive intramural program.

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