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Board Members and Directors

President Dan Smith
Vice President - Intramural Boys  
Vice President - Intramural Girls Kate Lynch
Vice President - Travel Mike Knouse
Treasurer Chuck Halko
Secretary Chuck Halko
Board Member Paul Gimbel
Board Member Roger Day
Board Member Glen Marvin
Board Member Candace Mattson
Board Member Andy Fisher
Board Member  Rob Daniels
Board MemberDavid Nelson
Board Member / Director of RegistrationGina Bennett

1st and 2nd Grade Director Girls Kate Lynch
1st and 2nd Grade Director Boys Craig Sachson
3rd Grade Director Boys Kayla Rieco
3rd & 4th Grade Director Girls Michael Bellano
4th Grade Director Boys Paul Gimbel
Junior Boys Director (5th & 6th)Randall Rivera
Junior Girls Director (5th & 6th)Amy Linn
Senior Boys Director (7th & 8th)  Bob Kent
Senior Girls Director (7th & 8th) Dan Smith
Super Seniors Boys (9 &10th) Mike Fink
Super Seniors Boys (11&12th) Dan Smith
Registration Coordinator(s) Gina Bennett
Gym Coordinators

Elise Schlosser

Draft Coordinators Dan Smith
Travel Committee R Day, K Kelly & G Marvin, M Knouse
Social Media Coordinator Diane Nelson

Travel Director Michael Knouse 
Challenger Coordinator David Nelson
Web Site Randall Rivera
David Nelson


Andy Fisher 


Katie Fisher 
Referee Coordinator Mike Maguire 
Uniforms & HHOOPS store Rob Daniels 
Safety Coordinator Jason Walker 
HHHS Student Mentor Program Glenn Marvin
HHHS Student(s) -Senior project  TBD
Directors of Training/ Instruction Pat Carroll / Blake Rubinstein
Directors of Commuinity Activities Wally Grumman/ Rick Fedele
Summer League Coordinator Mike Knouse
HHOOPs Scholarship / Brian Bryne Committee Glenn Marvin, Wally Grumman, Fran Bryne